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Jennifer Au

Jennifer Au

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.

I'm taking part in Walk the Wall, a global fundraising event that supports International China Concern. Join me in my efforts to give life and end abandonment in China.

ICC is a Christian development agency that works in China providing full-time care for children that have been abandoned because they have disabilities.

I know that the funds I raise for my walk will make a real impact. It helps to hire and train caregivers for the kids. It makes sure they all have good meals. It pays for each child's medical costs. It gives them specialised education and physical therapy.

But most of all, the funds I raise makes sure each of these children knows love and that they are valuable. Help me by making a donation today.

Thank you for your support! - Jennifer


Walk the Wall is a global movement that comes together throughout the year to raise money to care for the many abandoned and disabled children in China, and provide families with disabled children the support they need so that abandonment isn’t their only option.



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You are the speedy slug representative. Be sure to slime your way to the finish line.
You go gurl!
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Keep going Jennifer! Auntie Janice from Seattle.
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Go Jen Go! Uncle Anthony from Edmonton
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