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Joy Ng

Joy Ng

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Some of you may have heard about my testimony how i started my walk with God and how God blessed my entire family to be saved. I would love to share my story with you and also invite you to joining me in making a difference for God's children in China.

Below is my personal background of how I became connected to ICC (International China Concern) and why I am promoting ICC Walk the Wall now. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I was brought up in the rural countryside in the Northeastern part of China. I am the youngest of five children, with two elder brothers and two elder sisters. "One child per couple" policy just started when my mom was pregnant with me. I was almost "killed" three times in my mom's womb but somehow she got away and I was born. My family was very poor with five kids and for three times, my parents arranged for someone to take me away, but in the end, they did not. Growing up, I was teased that I was not wanted and I should have been given away...Even though my parents did not end up giving me away, my heart was deeply wounded; it took me a long time to heal the wound inside. After many years of being accepted as a child of God, I was still wounded.

That's the reason I could relate to the ICC children. They ARE abandoned by their parents.... and more sadly so, they are physically disabled in many ways. I know how hard it is to handle an emotional hurt; it is more challenging to deal with both emotional and physical handicaps at the same time. I could imagine their pain of being abandoned and I know how much they need God's love and acceptance.

I met some missionaries at ICC and they introduced me to the Lord. God's grace richly blessed my entire family, like Acts 16:31 says, " Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you and your household will be saved". My parents, brothers, sisters, and many in my extended family of about 20 people all came to believe Jesus. One brother has been an underground church pastor for over 10 years and a sister has served God full time many years. Hundreds of lives have been changed through their ministries....God's grace all started when I met the missionary friends at ICC, when my life was saved...

Looking back now, God has a wonderful plan for me. First, He preserved my life in my mom's womb and kept me in my family and later on, He saved my life completely when i started my personal walk with God. God saved me for a purpose and He gave me a mission - to share my life and make a difference in other people's lives. ICC is very meaningful to me, as it reminds me of God's abundant blessings upon my entire family and many more beyond. In return, I am passionate to do something for those precious children of God, as God loves each one of them just as much. They, like us, deserve God's love and acceptance.

I am very burdened and passionate to do something for these precious children. I want to share this mission with more people, and pray that more people's hearts will be touched and want to get involved to make a difference!

I am so weak and little by myself, I can’t do very much as an individual. I need your help and support! Please join me to make a difference in these precious little ones' lives. $10, $20, $50 or more, any amount is much appreciated.

I would like to thank you in advance for your personal support of International China Concern (ICC) Walk the Wall 2018. On behalf of the ICC orphans, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your sacrificial giving to help those precious children, who are abandoned by their parents, but accepted in God's family ICC.

May God bless your giving heart and
reward you abundantly!

Thank you for your support!


Walk the Wall is a global movement that comes together throughout the year to raise money to care for the many abandoned and disabled children in China, and provide families with disabled children the support they need so that abandonment isn’t their only option.



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May God bless this very important ministry to children who need a home where the love of God in Christ Jesus can be made known to them.
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