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Tips & Tricks

Below are some great ideas and ways you can reach out to your network of family, friends, co-workers and others to have them give in support of your walk.


Log into your Fundraising HQ and personalize your page. Share why you're walking, and even add a fun photo of yourself. A personalized page shows your supporters that you're invested in this cause - so they'll invest in you!


You have your very own online fundraising page, or Fundraising HQ! Set your goal, and use the Action Steps found here to help you reach your goal!


We've created posters and flyers for your event that you can use to invite your friends and family to join you. To download the PDFs, simply visit the Resources page and print as many as you need!


Make an announcement and let everyone you know why you've decided to walk this year. You can also direct them to your personalized home page so that they can easily support you. 

Using the tools found in your Fundraising HQ page, you can promote your walk and your web page through email as well as social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


If you haven't already set yourself a fundraising goal, now is the time! Set an ambitious yet realistic goal. By telling your friends about why you are walking -- why you care so deeply for these children. You might raise more than you think you can!

Did you participate last year? If so, set a stretch goal that increases either the number of supporters or amount you raised from last year.


Start inviting friends to join you in walking. Walk the Wall is a fun event that's even better when more people participate! Consider starting a team and setting joint fundraising goals, encouraging each other to reach your targets. And use social media to let people know! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some of the ways you can spread the word!


Make sure you have the contact information for everyone who makes a donation to support you. You will need this information to thank them later!

Send them an email from our templates in the promotional tools on the left hand side of your page. You could even send them a handwritten card, call them on the phone, invite them to meet for coffee... it's simple to say "Thank You" and will make them feel valued.


Tell your immediate and extended family how they can help you to reach your fundraising goals. Ask them to support you so that abandoned children without families can experience a parent's love.


Think about someone you could ask for a large donation—got someone in mind? Ok, now go and ask them first. Go ahead, pick up the phone and tell them why you're Walking the Wall!
You just might be surprised at their willingness to help and it will help raise the bar for others to follow. Then, encourage others to match their donation!


Tell your friends you're taking part in Walk the Wall to keep families together in China. Ask them to support you and to match a donation you may have just received. And don't forget social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Most people who donate do so because someone asked them to. Be prepared to suggest an amount that relates to achieving or surpassing your goal. You might just be surprised at the response!


Take some time to talk to your neighbours about your walk. It's a great opportunity to get to know them too!


Encourage people to donate online by sending them to your personal fundraising page. It's secure, easy and saves time. It also provides a way for you to track how much you have raised and makes it easier for you to see who you need to thank after the event.


Just before your event date, send out a last call for people to walk with you. They'll need to register and set up their own personal webpages if they intend on doing any fundraising prior to the event.