Walk the Wall is coming in June 2015

Walk the Wall will launch on 1st June 2015. Get ready to join us in a walk to give love, hope and opportunity to every abandoned and disabled child in China.

Events are being prepared right now and we're excited to have you sign up, get sponsors and then walk!

About Walk the Wall

Each year, International China Concern (ICC) organises a walk-a-thon called Walk the Wall. The walk is 10km long and participants from all over the world sign up, get sponsors and walk, raising money for the many abandoned and disabled children in China.

Give Life • End Abandonment

Walk the Wall raises the necessary funds to give life to hundreds of children and adults with disabilities by providing full-time care. ICC works to end abandonment by providing supports to families with disabled children, proving that there are ways to keep families together.

What is International China Concern?

Founded in 1993, International China Concern is a Christian development organisation that changes lives by bringing love, hope and opportunity to China’s abandoned and disabled. ICC partners with the Chinese government to provide holistic care and support services for China’s neediest children. ICC also empowers and trains Chinese nationals to save lives, support families, transform communities and change attitudes.

ICC organises Walk the Wall to help raise the necessary funds to ensure that it continues to provide its children with the care they require and deserve.

Visit www.chinaconcern.org to find out more about the inspiring work of International China Concern.